19. Mar, 2017

Nearly D-Day

In 2016 we went donkey walking in Dorset and fell in love with the idea.  We learned that donkeys make people smile.   After lots of preparation and training at the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth, Devon, we are ready, and our donkeys will arrive in Wiltshire on the 1st April 2017.

Our donkeys will have a peiod of settling in and training at the Rowdey Cow in Rowde near Devizes in Wiltshire .  The boys are wild, and until we bought them they lived in the New Forest.  They have to learn to wear head collars and to walk on a lead rope.  They also have to learn to be handled so they can be groomed and to behave for the farrier, vet and dentist, and of course our visitors!

Once some of their training is complete we will be taking visitors for walks and letting people share the smiles that donkeys always bring.  In the meantime come and see them (and maybe us) in their paddock at the Rowdey Cow. 

Steve and Jill