Welcome to Devizes Donkeys.  Donkeys make people smile.  Our donkeys are based at the Rowdey Cow Farm Cafe in Rowde near Devizes, Wiltshire with a wonderful view onto Roundway Down.

Come and visit our beautiful donkeys and enjoy some time with them. Please take a look at at our Healthy Donkeys page to find out how you can help us look after our donkeys.

You can come and spend time with our donkeys on one of our bookable donkey activities.  Come for a walk, come and spend an hour or two or invite us to your event.  All activities include a cuddle!  We look forward to sharing some donkey time with you.

Come and smile at our donkeys!!

The Donkeys

Our donkeys are called Chewy and Wit, and they came to us from the New Forest in April 2017.  Wit is the brown one  and Chewy is the coloured one.  They are both geldings (castrated male donkeys).  Wit was born on the 20 May 2012 and Chewy on the 6th June 2012.

Both donkeys have been branded with a TP on their side. You can see this on their left sides when they are losing their winter coats. This stands for Thomas Penny which identifies the farmer who bred them.  All animals living in the New Forest have to be branded in this way.  

Chewy and Wit are microchipped and have their own passports.  This is a requirement for every horse, pony, mule and donkey in the UK and EU. 

A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny or jennet and a young donkey is a foal.

Donkeys can live upto 50 years.