Covid 19 - Re-opening

We are offering donkey activities from the 6th July 2020.

All activities must be pre-booked.  Please book through the contact us page.

To ensure social distancing we are limiting group sizes.   

  • 2 adults
  • 1 adult and one child
  • 2 children and 1 accompanying adult

Donkey Activities

Come and enjoy time with these beautiful animals. 

  • Come for an hour or two and enjoy grooming, feeding and a cuddle.
  • Short walks around the farm at the Rowdey Cow
  • Longer walks in the wider countryside. Bring a picnic!
  • Walks elsewhere in the county.  We will bring the donkeys out by trailer
  • Community visits to churches, schools, care homes etc

Just contact us to book.

Sorry, but we do not offer donkey rides. 


Spending time with the donkeys

All activities with the donkeys are accompanied. When you book an activity with us that is your time with the donkeys.  You are not joining a group session.  If you book as a couple then you will be there as a couple. We will always give a saftey briefing before any activity.  If your chosen activity involves going on the road then we will provide hi-vis jackets. 

If your activity involves a longer walk then the donkeys can carry your belongings and picnics in their panniers.

If you are going to spend time with us please consider the following:

  • We do not hand feed our donkeys
  • Appropriate footwear.  Definitely no flip flops.  Walking boots are perfect as they offer some protection if a donkey should step on your foot
  • Donkeys can be dusty so please wear clothes that can easily be washed
  • Gloves are useful as they make grooming and leading donkeys easier.  Gardening gloves are ideal
  • Remember to wash your hands after coming into contact with the donkeys
  • Smoking, eating or drinking around the donkeys is not helpful
  • Please put phones on silent as they may startle the donkeys
  • Whilst the donkeys are used to dogs, please do not bring dogs on activities with us, other than assistance dogs


The benefits of spending time with donkeys

Hands-on interaction with donkeys provides an opportunity for a connection on an emotional as well as a physical level. Donkeys are patient and gentle.  Everyone benefits from this emotional connection, social interaction, communication and confidence-building, and we believe that this is particularly true for people facing physical, mental and emotional challenges.


Price guide

Visits to carehomes start from £50

1 hour with one donkey from £20

1 hour with 2 donkeys from £30

2 hours with 2 donkeys from £40